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Article Transcription With Team’s Website Link

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a North Central Florida paranormal investigation team may soon be solved.

A production company in Florida with specialized equipment has been contracted to attempt to restore the team’s mangled footage which was discovered earlier this year by a vacationing couple.

The missing team, known collectively as “Florida HAUNTS”, still has a presence on the web at, but it is unknown whether or not anyone is still actively maintaining the site.

Sources indicate that the restoration project is proceeding slowly. According to Jim Mathers, the chief engineer working on the project, “It’s been painstaking work, but we expect to have the rest of the footage cleaned up as best we can pretty soon. It was quite a mess so even with our best efforts, there may still be some snow and static pops here and there. But there’s enough to disturb you. In fact, we’re a bit concerned about releasing it.”

The initial clips of footage that have been released thus far are a record of the team’s last case which they apparently took on in hopes of helping a desperate client in spite of the team’s misgivings due to unusual circumstances surrounding the case.

A preview of the restored footage has been uploaded to a site dedicated to the memory of the missing team:  A MySpace page has also been established at

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