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Top 10 Ways You Can Share This Site

Top 10 ways you can help get Florida HAUNTS released and distributed faster and wider:

1. Add your own message to the main page using the form.  People like to see current interest from other fans.

2. Click the “Tweet This” button on the main page to share with your followers.

3. Become a fan on Facebook: Florida HAUNTS on Facebook

4. Become a friend on MySpace: Florida HAUNTS on MySpace

5. Have your own blog or website? Post the Florida HAUNTS banner wherever you can:

Florida HAUNTS - The Restored Footage

6. Demand It and encourage your friends to as well.  And if you’re in college, be sure to also click the “Demand at your college” link while you’re at it.

7. Grab the code from the Florida HAUNTS Demand It widget and put it on your site.

7. Tell your family about it.

8. Tell your co-workers about it.

9. Tell your classmates about it.

Thanks for your support!

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